It’s unlikely that anyone had “Obsess over reality show hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey” on their 2020 bingo cards, but Netflix’s new dating show, Love Is Blind, has become one of the surprise breakout hits of the year so far.

Billed as an experiment to discover whether love is blind, the show follows couples from their very first conversations, sight unseen, right through to their weddings mere weeks later. Will these couples forge a bond beyond just looks in just five weeks? Will they actually get married after a such a short period of time?

Love Is Blind has been memorable not only for its bewildering—and anxiety-inducing—premise, but for the cast of characters it has managed to attract. Take, for instance, Jessica Batten, a 34-year-old sales manager who becomes engaged to Mark Cuevas, 24, but seems to hold a candle for frat bro Matt Barnett. (She also has a penchant for letting her dog sip wine.)

Over the nine episodes released so far, it has been next to impossible not to become heavily invested in each of the relationships—and that’s even before we find out if the five couples make it down the aisle in the finale premiering on Netflix Thursday.

Ahead of the finale, we decided to deep dive into the couples’ social media profiles to investigate whether they are still together. The series was filmed back in the fall of 2018, so it’s been over a year since the couples did or didn’t say “I do.” Here’s what we discovered.

Warning: Potential spoilers head.

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

Cameron and Lauren have been couple goals all season long, and evidence points to them still being together.

On Instagram, the couple continue to like each other’s posts—for example, last December, Lauren liked Cameron’s photo of his Christmas tree.

More compelling, a lot of the locations on their Instagram posts are exactly the same, including Decatur, Georgia, and a holiday in Cancun:

It also looks like Lauren’s multimedia company, The Speed Brand, took some professional photos of Cameron:

Let’s all cross our fingers and toes for Cameron and Lauren.

Matt Barnett and Amber Pike

Before settling on Amber and her $700 makeup credit card, Barnett (he goes by his last name) was wooing Amber, Jessica and Lauren “LC” Chamblin in the pods in the first couple of episodes, which caused some tension between Amber and Jessica—and led to an epic drunken showdown between them:

Barnett seemed a little put off later in the season by Amber’s lack of financial stability and job and in a preview of the finale, Amber says Barnett has cold feet about tying the knot.

As recently as Tuesday, Barnett liked one of Amber’s Instagram posts, which at the very least suggests they’re still friends, if not married, and the wedding wasn’t a runway groom situation.

There’s one very telling post on Amber’s Instagram that indicates she and Barnett are still going strong:

Fans think the sliver of a man to the left of the photo is Barnett—and he’s wearing a ring on his wedding finger. Adding more credence to that theory is the fact that one of the comments on the photo is a thumbs up from someone called Deborah Barnett, which also happens to be Barnett’s mom’s name. (Amber also follows her.)

Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten

Perhaps the couple in the most precarious situation on Love Is Blind, Jessica and Mark seem the unlikeliest to have made it down the aisle. For one, Jessica appeared hung up on Barnett, and, two, Mark was seemingly oblivious to all the red flags Jessica was throwing up.

In the preview for the finale, we see a blonde bride in a wedding dress apparently running away from her wedding and then falling into a ditch. Could the runaway bride be Jessica?

A lot of Mark’s Instagram posts are tagged with the location Atlanta, Georgia, where the show was filmed. However, Jessica’s posts tend to be tagged with either California or Illinois, which has led to fans speculating that they are not together.

However, there might be a small glimmer of hope in an Instagram video shared by Jessica to mark the New Year in January.

Jessica can be seen releasing a lantern and a male voice says, “Release it, Jess.” One commenter said the voice sounded a lot like Mark’s, and if you’ve been watching the show, it kind of does. Plot twist?

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli

Damian and Giannina have had their ups and downs in the nine episodes of Love Is Blind released so far, from the romantic moment Gigi said she wanted to propose and got down on one knee for Damian, to later claiming she’s lost her butterflies in the course of their romance.

In the final moments of Episode 9, Giannina said “I do” to Damian but we were left on a cliffhanger of whether Damian reciprocates. If he doesn’t, then the blonde runaway bride could potentially be an upset Giannina, too.

Damian and Giannina don’t follow each other on Instagram, and there’s not much on either of their profiles giving away what became of their wedding.

But one eagle-eyed fan spotted that the skyline in separate pictures posted by Giannina and Damian looks similar:

That isn’t proof positive that they’re still together, however.

Kenny Barnes and Kelly Chase

As the couple with the least screen time, you’re forgiven for forgetting Kenny and Kelly are on the show, though they seemed like a good match and their families hit it off, too.

Based on their Instagram activity, Kenny and Kelly continue to like each other’s posts, which is a positive sign that their wedding worked out. Kenny’s page says he’s based in Atlanta, and a lot of Kelly’s photos are tagged with Atlanta as the location.

Another sign that things are going well is that Kelly’s Instagram page is also followed by Kenny’s sister, Anna.

The Love Is Blind finale premieres on Netflix Thursday.