A photo allegedly showing the Type R’s window sticker looks to be the real deal.

Honda hasn’t made an official announcement yet on pricing for U.S. variants of its ultra-hot Civic Type R, but folks over at CivicX.com have a tip in the form of what appears to be a legitimate window sticker with a base price of $33,900. The sticker shows no optional items and lists an $875 “destination and handling” charge as the only add-on, for a total vehicle price of $34,775.

That falls nearly dead-on with estimates in the mid-$30,000 range, which some might consider a hefty amount for Honda Civic. That same amount could get you into a two-year old BMW M235 coupe with a factory warranty, but the Bimmer doesn’t lap the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 43 seconds, which is the current track record for front-wheel drive vehicles held by the Type R.

For that fact, the Type R outperforms all sorts of hefty rear-wheel drive performance machines at the ‘ring, not to mention all-wheel drive hot hatch competition from the Ford Focus RS and Volkswagen Golf R. It also undercuts both on price, checking in over $2,000 less than the Ford and a whopping $5,550 less than the VeeDub. Admittedly you won’t find a drift button in the Type R, but in the world of hyper hot hatchbacks the Civic delivers on both performance and price. That makes it the bargain of the bunch.

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Still, there are rumors that Honda is concerned over sticker shock for a mid-$30,000 Civic. Word is the manufacturer will offer a base model for 2018 that could knock a bit more off the price. Or, there’s always the Honda Civic Si which loves to dance and checks in a full $10,000 less than its big brother. Yes, the Si has considerably less horsepower, but after having a go behind the wheel we’re convinced it doesn’t need prolific ponies to be a truly entertaining machine.

Look for the Civic Type R to hit dealerships very soon.

Source: CivicX.com

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